Where Is Joe Biden?

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While the Taliban swept through the last of Afghanistan faster than the Germans did through the Low Countries and Northern France, the official response from Presidentish Joe Biden has been basically...

Even White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been otherwise too preoccupied to issue so much as an "I'll circle back" on what, if anything, Biden plans to do about the chaos he's unleashed in Central Asia.

Fox News reported late Sunday night that Psaki "is taking a break from her duties" while pretty much everyone questions "the silence of President Joe Biden."

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When Fox's Micheal Lee attempted to make contact with Psaki multiple times via email on Sunday, he was sent an autoreply "out of office" message. Psaki apparently won't be returning calls until August 23rd, or approximately three days after our last local friend or military contractor has been tortured and murdered.

We were supposed to have time to get those people out. Biden…
Stephen Green
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