White Racist Attack on Black Republican? No Problem

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A monkey-masked white woman assailed Larry Elder. Where is the outrage?
On the streets of Los Angeles this week, California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was attacked by a white-privileged female leftist wearing a monkey mask. The woman hurled insults and an egg at Elder, just missing his head. She and other thugs then physically attacked one of Elder's aides.

Recall that the FBI dispatched 15 — FIFTEEN — agents last year to investigate a "hate crime" — the garage door pull "noose" in the bay of black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. That might have qualified as another Jussie Smollett hate hoax, except in the Wallace case, nobody fashioned a garage pull to look like a noose. The only hoax was the number of FBI agents sent to investigate, and the amount of Leftmedia propagandist attention given to this nonsense.

Of course, it was the burn, loot, and murder summer ahead of the Trump v. Biden election, so it was important to promote any racial division to keep the "systemic racism" lie afloat.

Elder has an outside…
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