Why Apple's AirDrop is so Unbelievably Fast

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Apple's airdrop was able to move 2GB of files from my iPad to my Macbook in maybe 15 seconds. How did it do that?
The other day I needed to Airdrop a 2GB video clip from my 2018 iPad Pro to my 2020 M1 Macbook Air. It took maybe 15 seconds, if that.

Wait, what? How could it possibly transfer a 2 GB file so fast?

What's the Bottleneck with AirDrop?

Airdrop uses Bluetooth to establish a peer to peer Wi-Fi internet connection between your two Apple devices. This cuts your router out of the equation as a potential bottlenecks. Leaving three other culprits.

Potential Bottleneck #1) Disk Read Speed of the Sending Device

I initially thought read speeds were unlikely to be my bottleneck. However, I was…
Shaun Poore
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