Why Do You Buy OnePlus Phones?

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fairly easy
For many in Android, you buy Samsung, Google, or OnePlus phones in the US. But why OnePlus? What are they offering that compares to Pixel or Galaxy phones that you like so much? Let's discuss.
OnePlus is no longer considered to be a small player in the Android game by this community. Their sales numbers may not place them in the upper echelon of phone makers and they may not yet be a household name, but you've told us time and time again that you love their phones. From the OnePlus One through the most recent 7T launches, it's clear that OnePlus has grabbed some attention.

So like we did last week with Samsung (and will probably do next week with Google), we're going to ask for your feedback by asking – Why OnePlus phones? What is it that keeps you coming back to upgrade?

For me, it started with that original OnePlus One. I remember the clean software that had countless features (it ran…
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