Why is creating a new process more expensive on Windows than Linux?

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I've heard that creating a new process on a Windows box is more expensive than on Linux. Is this true? Can somebody explain the technical reasons for why it's more expensive and provide any histo...
mweerden: NT has been designed for multi-user from day one, so this is not really a reason. However, you are right about that process creation plays a less important role on NT than on Unix as NT, in contrast to Unix, favors multithreading over multiprocessing.

Rob, it is true that fork is relatively cheap when COW is used, but as a matter of fact, fork is mostly followed by an exec. And an exec has to load all images as well. Discussing the performance of fork therefore is only part of the truth.

When discussing the speed of process creation, it is probably a good idea to distinguish between NT and Windows/Win32. As far as NT (i.e. the kernel itself) goes, I do not think…
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