Why select STO over IEO | Espay Exchange

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fairly easy
STO stands for Security Token Offering. Like ICO, STOs are issued to raise money for the business. STO Development Company provides STO solutions to the issuing company to make the process even more comfortable and profitable.
Now we know what an STO and an IEO are. We also know their advantages and disadvantages. If you compare both STO and IEO, it is clear that one is better than others. While IEO is safe, it is still not regulated. There can be a higher chance of fraud. And if we see the market trend, at the end of 2019, the investors in IEO lost 98% of their funds due to fluctuations and fall of token value. IEOS also face many legal issues due to regulation. Whereas STOs are secure and safe as it is backed by assets. They are less…
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