Why the Supreme Court's popularity suddenly matters

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The Supreme Court isn't very popular these days. The court's approval rating has slipped to just 40 percent, Gallup reported Thursday, its lowest since 2000. The court's refusal to block Texas' new anti-abortion law likely contributed to the slide — in July, before that ruling, approval was 9 points higher.

Usually the court is impervious to such concerns. Justices have lifetime appointments, and, as Gallup notes, SCOTUS approval often dips after controversial rulings. Popularity rises and popularity falls, but the court endures.

Yet this time might be different — and more consequential. Gallup also found 37 percent of Americans think the court is "too conservative," a record high up from a low of 20 percent in 2016. That's not a one-off bump, and the present figure nearly equals the 40 percent of Americans who think the court's ideological…
Joel Mathis
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