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Web-based products [ edit ]

Advertising services [ edit ]

Map-related products [ edit ]

Operating systems [ edit ]

Desktop applications [ edit ]

Mobile applications [ edit ]

Mobile web applications [ edit ]

These products can be accessed through a browser on a mobile device.

Mobile standalone applications [ edit ]

Hardware [ edit ]

Services [ edit ]

Photos [ edit ]


Scheduled to be discontinued [ edit ]

Applications that are no longer in development, and scheduled to be discontinued in the future:

Google Clips – a miniature clip-on camera device. Pulled from Google Store on October 15, 2019. [49] Google has said that the product will be supported until December 2021. [50]

Google has said that the product will be supported until December 2021. Hangouts on Air – Broadcasting service for group video calls. Unknown shutdown date.

AngularJS – Open source web application framework. Will be shut down in June 2021.

App Make – allows users to develop apps for businesses. Scheduled to be Discontinued in January 2021

Google Play Music – Google's music streaming service, to be replaced by YouTube Music (2020s)

2020 [ edit ]

Discontinued products and services [ edit ]

Google has retired many offerings, either because of obsolescence, integration into other Google products, or lack of interest.[54] Google's discontinued offerings are colloquially referred to as Google Graveyard.[55][56]

2020 [ edit ]

Neighbourly - Experimental app. Shut down May 12

Fabric – Modular SDK platform launched by Crashlytics in 2014. Google acquired Crashlytics in 2017 and announced plans to migrate all of its features to Firebase. It was shut down on May 4, 2020.[57]

Material Theme Editor - Plugin for Sketch app. Discontinued in March

Google Station - Service that allowed users to Spread WiFi hotspots. Shut down in February.

One Today - Discontinued in January

2019 [ edit ]

2018 [ edit ]

2017 [ edit ]

Google Maps Engine – develop geospatial applications.…
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