Will.i.am. and Honeywell Unveil $299 Face Mask

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Will.i.am and Honeywell introduce the first connected mask. Think sneakers meet smartphones.
After all, what are shoes, Will.i.am said, but protective equipment for the feet? We've just forgotten that was their original purpose because shoes have become a form of self-expression. You could not, he pointed out, "walk into a mall or a restaurant or an airplane without shoes on," just as you aren't supposed to walk into any of those places without a mask. "But you don't have to tell anyone to wear shoes," he said. Therefore, if you can make a mask serve the same purpose (or multipurpose), you win.

Will.i.am was speaking via Zoom from his HQ in Los Angeles, a space that contains a sound stage, a recording studio, his "fab lab" (where he makes prototypes) and now, his Xupermask team.

Will.i.am got the idea for Xupermask last March, just before his 45th…
Vanessa Friedman
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