Windows 11 Customization: How to Make Adjustments on Your Taskbar?
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Windows 11 can be changed any way you want to. Here's how you can do it.
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Windows 11's taskbar can be changed depending on your preference. You can make certain adjustments to ensure a better browsing experience.

Windows 11 Task Bar Customization

If you wish to pin an app to your taskbar, there are different ways that you can do it. If the app is running, the app's icon will appear in the taskbar below with a line that indicates it is active, according to The Verge.

You can keep your icons in the taskbar even after you have closed it. You need to right-click on the icon and choose the pink to taskbar option.

If the app is not running, but the icon is on the desktop, you can pin it to your taskbar. You need to right-click on the desktop icon and select "Show more options."

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A menu will pop up, and after you've scrolled down, you will see the "pin to taskbar." You can also click on the desktop's Start icon.

Choose the "all apps" button, and then right-click on the app. If you do not see the "pin to taskbar" option in…
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