Windows 11: Just say no
3 min read
In a few weeks, Windows 11 will arrive. Should you upgrade to it? Let me answer with a question: "Should you stop hitting your head against the wall?"
It will be one thing, say, later this year or in 2022, to buy a new PC with Windows 11. We can be reasonably certain that Windows 11 will run on your new Dell, HP, or Lenovo PC. Maybe some of your drivers and programs won't run, but Windows 11 itself? No problem.

But, if you want to update your existing computers, especially those that have a few years on them — that's another story. It's difficult to know whether any given computer will run Windows 11, which arrives Oct. 5. Yes, there's Microsoft's PC Health Check app and other programs to determine whether you can run Windows 11. But Microsoft pulled it the first time around and I'm none too sure how reliable it is this time around.

There are other "Can I run Windows 11?" programs. (I like the free and open-source WhyNotWin11.) But the only way you can really know if your PC will run Windows 11 is to, well, try to run Windows 11 on your PC.

That can be an expensive and annoying experiment. Sure, the upgrade itself is free. But no one's going to be paying you — unless you're someone like me who writes about this…
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