Windows 11: Microsoft Updates PC Health Check App But It Has Still Some Problems
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Microsoft's PC Health Check App returns with an updated version for those who want to run a compatibility check for Windows 11.
Microsoft re-released a new version for the PC Health Check app for Windows 11.

After many complaints from people who have used it before, an updated edition can now be used to see if your computer is compatible with the newest operating system.

Microsoft's PC Health Check App

According to a report by PCGamer on Tuesday, Sept.21, the former PC Health Check app is back with an updated version. You can now run it once again to see if your PC can enable Windows 11 with minimum system requirements.

Computers that have at least 64GB of free storage and 4GB RAM can run Windows 11.

In addition, the compatible systems with a 1GHz clocking speed and two cores can also manage to use the OS.

While this app has recently received an update, there are still some problems that might arise during the compatibility test. Your computer's processor should be supported by Microsoft even if it runs 1GHz or has two cores.

Intel users can use 8th-gen processors and later. They can also utilize a handful of new 7th-gen chips.

As for AMD's…
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