Windows 11 won't support Apple's M1 Macs, but you might be able to run it
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Parallels has said that Windows 11 on M1 Macs will be supported the day that Windows 11 launches.
Windows 11 won't be officially supported on Apple M1 Macs, dashing the hopes of those who hoped to pair Apple's new M1 Arm hardware with the new operating system.

Microsoft called running Windows 11 on an Apple Mac powered by an M1 chip "not a supported scenario" late last week in a statement to The Register. Microsoft issued that report after the publication found hardware compatibility errors while running the latest build of Windows 11 on Parallels, an app that lets you run third-party operating systems on Macs.

As anyone who has followed the Windows 11 upgrade path understands, "supported" and "unsupported" are subtly…
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