WTAF?! Twitter tries censoring article Dr. Scott Atlas shares that takes draconian COVID restrictions like mask mandates APART (we got it)

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fairly easy
It's not like Scott is a doctor or anything. Oh, wait.
Looks like Twitter is once again censoring certain articles and ideas they don't want their users to see.

Gosh, that sounds a lot like a publisher to this editor.

Don't you think?

I wonder why Twitter took down this tweet from Trump's advisor? Is it b/c he cited to WHO & CDC? Or he isn't supposed to notice lack of mask effectiveness in several jurisdictions. Maybe it was the article? Here's the article you're not supposed to see:https://t.co/1J1BPvdMJw pic.twitter.com/Ix087VoYDk — Karl Dierenbach (@Dierenbach) October 18, 2020

Here's the tweet where Dr. Atlas linked to the other tweet with the original story, which Twitter of course removed.

That means the right policy is @realDonaldTrump guideline: use masks for their intended purpose – when close to others, especially hi risk. Otherwise, social distance. No widespread mandates. #CommonSense https://t.co/GZpBZxfNYa — Scott W. Atlas (@SWAtlasHoover) October 17, 2020

You know, like we treat most every other virus in this country.

God forbid he promote a little common sense though:

PLEASE REMOVE THIS @TwitterSafety This is dangerous misinformation from a primary advisor to the president on the COVID response. This needs to be taken down immediately. It is simply false. — Michael Mina (@michaelmina_lab) October 18, 2020


And what, pray tell, is the ATROCITY Mina is screeching at Twitter to remove?


Careful, it's SUPER controversial.

Ok, it's…
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