Yermin Mercedes Steps Away From Baseball "Indefinitely"
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White Sox slugger Yermin Mercedes announced on Instagram that he is stepping away from baseball indefinitely.
11:05pm: White Sox manager Tony La Russa only learned of Mercedes' post after tonight's game against the Twins but tells reporters he plans to reach out to Mercedes (Twitter links via's Scott Merkin).

La Russa drew plenty of criticism earlier this year for not supporting Mercedes after he missed a take sign and hit a 3-0 home run in a blowout win over Minnesota. Many have immediately jumped to the conclusion that La Russa's handling of the situation contributed to Mercedes' decision today, although there's nothing to support that line of speculation. La Russa suggested that he and Mercedes are still on good terms:

"As you probably know, if you are paying attention, several times he said how close we are. He knows I'm a supporter of…
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