You Can Lock Your Shady Incognito Tabs With This Hidden Face ID Setting
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A new, hidden Chrome setting makes it easy to keep others out of your incognito tabs.
Photo : lidiasilva

Google is testing a new feature for Chrome on iPhone and iPad that lets you lock incognito tabs with facial ID when they're left open in the background. (Unfortunately, the feature is not available on Android—at least not yet).


Chrome's incognito mode prevents your device from saving your browsing history, which can be helpful when you need to stealthily look something up. However, unless you close your incognito tabs every time you stop using Chrome, someone could easily open your background tabs to see what you're up to. By enabling the new privacy feature, though, you can safely leave incognito tabs open in Chrome without fear of someone snooping into whatever it…
Brendan Hesse
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