You'll hear a lot about how boring the iPhone 13 is, but Apple is still poised to continue its sales super cycle
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There are an estimated 250 million iPhone owners ready to upgrade.
It may have a new number in the name, but Apple's new iPhone 13 looks more like one of the company's "S" models than anything else.

Apple has released iPhone models on a tick-tock cycle for most of the product's existence. The "tick" years typically offer new designs and fresh features, and the "tock" years keep things mostly the same, but with improvements to things like speed and battery life. (Those are the "S" models.)

But the iPhone 13 was revealed on Tuesday, instead of an iPhone 12S, with just incremental upgrades over last year's model. That explains why Apple spent so much of the presentation talking about features like battery life and improvements to the camera. There wasn't much else new over last year's model to brag about.

You'll see a lot of commentary…
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