Antonio Cerdá

Professional golfer
Antonio Cerda
date of birth
December 10, 1921
date of death
November 28, 2010
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Antonio Cerdá (10 December 1921 – 28 November 2010) was an Argentine professional golfer. Cerdá finished second in the 1951 Open Championship to Max Faulkner, and second in the 1953 Open Championship to Ben Hogan, among seven consecutive top-ten finishes in the championship. He won several national opens in Europe in the 1950s and won the first Canada Cup with Roberto De Vicenzo in 1953 for Argentina. Later in his career, Cerdá would emigrate to Mexico, and also represented that country five times at the World Cup, finishing third in 1967. After an outstanding professional career, Cerdá dedicated over 40 years to golf instruction, particularly to young players in Mexico, like his son Antonio Oscar Cerdá.
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