Antonio Devoto

Argentine aristocrat
date of birth
March 12, 1833
date of death
July 30, 1916
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Antonio Devoto
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Don Antonio Devoto (born in Lavagna, Italy in 1832; died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1916) was the owner of most of the lands in the current barrio of Buenos Aires called Villa Devoto. Don Devoto was a member of the elite of Buenos Aires. In respect of his help to Italy during World War I he was given the title of count by the king. Don Devoto built what was the largest mansion at the time and it became known as Devoto Palace—Prince Umberto Saboya stayed there during a visit to Buenos Aires. The mansion was built on National Avenue and occupied around 10,238 square metres. The mansion was decorated in bronze, silver and gold with iron work forged in Italy, and Florentine mosaics. Don Devoto died in 1916 before the work on the mansion was complete and since he did not leave any descendants, and no one could be found to buy the eccentric house, so in 1938 it was divided into building lots on which houses were later constructed.
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