Antonio Giannoni

Italian emigrant to Australia
date of birth
March 29, 1814
date of death
September 6, 1883
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Antonio Giannoni (29 March 1814 in Rimini, Italy – 6 September 1883 in Kensington, Adelaide) was the first Italian to settle in South Australia. He arrived in Port Adelaide on 19 September 1839. His bust, recreated from a photograph discovered by Professor Desmond O'Connor of Flinders University, stands in Norwood, South Australia. Giannoni's full story and the history of early Italian settlers in South Australia can be found in O'Connor's book No Need to Be Afraid. There is also a statue of Antonio Gannoni (Giannoni) in Adelaide. His surname became spelt as Gannoni after a misspelling occurred, however the pronunciation remains the same as Giannoni.
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