Antonio Gómez Medina

Mexican professional wrestler
Antonio Gomez Medina
Mascara Magica
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September 11, 1970
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Antonio Gómez Medina (born September 11, 1970) is a Mexican professional wrestler, or Luchador as they are called in Spanish, and professional wrestling trainer based out of Arena Coliseo Guadalajara in Guadalajara. Gómez is best known under the ring name Máscara Mágica; he is the second person to use the "Máscara Mágica" name, taking it over after Eddie Guerrero abandoned the name in the early 1990s. As Máscara Mágica, he was part of the Los Nuevo Infernales group; as part of a Los Nuevo Inferales vs. Los Infernales storyline, and lost his mask as a result of a Luchas de Apuestas match loss to Los Infernales leader El Satánico. In recent years Gómez has focused more on his training position at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, where he also works as a booker and part-time wrestler.
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Antonio Gomez Medina
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