Antonio Ruiz

Argentine soldier
date of death
February 6, 1824
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Second Corporal Antonio Ruiz (died February 3, 1810), was an Argentine soldier. He is the national hero of Argentina. Ruiz, nicknamed Falucho, was an Afro-Argentine soldier of the Independence War. Ruiz fought in José de San Martín’s army. According to the most common story, Corporal Ruiz, born a slave (perhaps in Africa), served in the Regiment of the River Plate and died while defending the colors (white and light blue) of the revolutionary flag (later the Argentine flag) against traitors during a revolt at the fort of El Callao, Peru) on February 6, 1824. Rather than hoist the Spanish flag, Falucho chose to be shot by the traitors, crying out with his last breath, Viva Buenos Aires! (Long live Buenos Aires!). Statue of "Negro Falucho" in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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