Antonio Z. Atienza, Jr.

Filipino silversmith
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August 30, 1959
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Antonio Z. Atienza, Jr.
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Antonio Z. Atienza Jr. (born August 30, 1959) is a Filipino jeweler. As a manufacturer, exporter, and retailer of fine jewelry products, he is the owner of Goldenas Jewelry, Inc. He is a member of the Guild of Philippine Jewelers, Inc. The Guild's mission as a national organization is to promote the transformation and growth of the Philippine jewelry industry. Atienza, Jr.'s Goldenas metamorphosed from Boy Atienza Jewel Art, a jewelry contracting shop, which started in 1982. With 3 employees, it has now under its employ a total of 80 craftsmen and personnel. It now sells jewelry made of gold and set with diamonds, pearls, and other semi-precious stones. Atienza, Jr.'s Goldenhills Jewelry showcases his Goldenas, Inc. since 1982. Goldenhills Jewelry opened its first store on June 30, 2004 at the 2nd Floor of The Jewellery, Greenhills Shopping Center, and at present, has a total of 6 branches.
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Antonio Z. Atienza, Jr.
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