Antonios Antonopoulos

Greek politician:Achaia/mayor:Patras.
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Antonios Antonopoulos (Greek: Αντώνιος Αντωνόπουλος) (1805–1887) was a Greek politician of Achaia and a mayor of Patras. He was born in Patras sixteen years before the Greek Revolution. He was elected mayor of Patras in 1847 and the government was created. He was an anti-monarchist and deposed himself in the same day, staying in the mayoral chair for one day. In that way, in the place where Konstantinos Skourletis succeeded. Antanopoulos was elected in that year to the municipal council; from 1841, he became president of the municipal council. His father Dimitrios Antonopoulos was a minority leader in the national council of Troizina (Troezen) and councillor. His brother Ioannis Antonopoulos tried to be mayor of Patras and a judge minister. He was awarded the Aristeio of Agonos and a few others. Antonois Antonopoulos died in Patras on 26 January 1887.
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