Antonis Kanakis

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February 17, 1969
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Antonis Kanakis (born Antonios Doumas, 17 February 1969) is a television host and an actor. He was born in Thessaloniki but has worked for many years in Athens. He is known for being one of the major participants in the TV satirical show "A.M.A.N ta Katharmata" together with Sotiris Kalivatsis and Giannis Servetas. He is now the key-host of the parody show Radio Arvyla. He has also worked for the municipality-owned radio station of Thessaloniki, Kiss FM of Thessaloniki, ET3 channel, and Star Channel. In parallel with Radio Arvyla he takes part in a Radio Station "Imagine". He has done some minor parts for Cinema, including the movies "Chaivania 3-0" and "Treis Files".
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