Ants'Hillvania II: The Honeydew Adventure

Album by Candle
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Ants'hillvania II: The Honeydew Adventure is the second album in the Agapeland related series, Ants'hillvania. It was written by Jimmy and Carol Owens with Cherry Boone O'Neil. It is well known for being full of "Ant"-puns. The first album, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children for 1981 for the 24th annual Grammy Awards.
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Ants'hillvania II: Honeydew Adventure
Ants'hillvania 2: The Honeydew Adventure
Ants'hillvania 2: Honeydew Adventure
The Honeydew Adventure
Honeydew Adventure
Ants'hillvania II
Ants'hillvania 2
Antshillvania II
Antshillvania 2
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