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The Antwerp Diamond Bank (ADB) (Banque Diamantaire Anversoise and Antwerpse Diamantbank) is a small, 75-year-old bank that specializes exclusively in serving the diamond and the diamond jewelry sector. It is the second largest diamond bank in the world, after ABN AMRO's International Diamond and Jewelry Group. In addition to its headquarters in Antwerp, it has offices covering all the major traditional as well as emerging diamond centers such as Antwerp, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Mumbai and New York. Today the ADB group employs approximately 160 people worldwide, of whom about 110 work at the head office in Antwerp. ADB is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of KBC Bank, however, European Competition Commission directed KBC to divest the bank as part of the terms of the Belgian government's bail-out of KBC. KBC agreed in December 2013 to sell ADB to the Chinese Yinren Group. However, the sale required regulatory approval and stalled; after the sale failed KBC stated in September 2014 that it would wind down ADB as no other entity had expressed an interest in buying ADB. ADB would make no new loans and would close out existing loans as they were paid off.
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