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Antonio Macedo
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António Macedo is a fine artist who studied at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes do Porto (Oporto School of Fine Arts). As a result of the years spent in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, his work shows clear influences of Anglo-Saxon culture. He works mainly as a painter and sculptor, with a definite realist style, and he is also known as a portrait painter. Oil Painting is his medium of choice, and his subjects, other than portraits, include the feminine figure, draperies, still-life, symbolic and magic realism, as well as scenes from ordinary life. Amongst his numerous portraits are those of the President of the Portuguese Parliament, Dr. António Almeida Santos, the Bishops of Oporto D. Armindo Coelho and D. Manuel Clemente and those at the Constitutional Court, Dr Artur Maurício and Dr Luis Nunes de Almeida. Paintins of his can be seen in several institutions, both public and private and he has exhibited both on his own and collectively, national and internationally. His works are referred to and illustrated in numerous publications, specially those published by Galeria Cordeiros and their associates. Highlights: First Prize (Stanley Grimm) at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters exhibition, in 1989 Honorable mention at the Placência Bienal Exhibition in 1999 Member of Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes Member of Cooperativa Árvore Referred to in: Dicionário de Pintores e Escultores Portugueses de Dr. Fernando de Pamplona
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