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Anu-Hkongso Chin language
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Anu-Hkongso is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken between the Kaladan and Michaung rivers in Paletwa Township, Chin State, Burma. It is closely related to Mru, forming the Mruic language branch, whose position with Sino-Tibetan is unclear. It consists of two dialects, Anu (Añú) and Hkongso (Khongso, Khaungtso). Anu and Hkongso speakers self-identify as ethnic Chin people, although the Anu-Hkongso language does not classify as a Kuki-Chin language. Most Anu and Hkongso speakers can also speak Khumi.
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Hkongso Chin language
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Anu-Hkongso Chin language
Anu-Hkongso Chin
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