Anuha Island Resort

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Coordinates: 9°00′S 160°10′E / 9.000°S 160.167°E / -9.000; 160.167 Anuha Island Resort is located on Anuha Island in the Florida Group in the Solomon Islands and is pronounced Anuca by the locals. The Island itself is located approximately 35 miles from Honiara, and approximately 15 minutes from Henderson airfield. The resort was burned down over a land ownership dispute in 1988. More recently, plans have existed to re-open the resort under the legal ownership and guidance of the Solomon Island Tourism Ltd group. Private security forces are included in the redevelopment plan. Anuha Island is surrounded by a shallow lagoon, leading out to a surrounding coral reef. Anuha Island remains a popular dive location with nearby wrecks at Guadalcanal. As of 2014[update], Anuha Island is under the legal ownership of Solomon Island Tourism Ltd and is moving forward with redevelopment plans.
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