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Anupadaka, anupapadaka, aupapaduka (Skt., 'parentless; self-existing,') is a philosophical term about reality such as the 'anupadaka plane' or gods or Dhyani-Buddhas that fit the definition. Actually beyond anupadaka is 'adi' (Skt., 'first,') having to do with the first cause, itself from causeless cause. Hence, it does not matter if scientists think there are no gods or Dhyani-Buddhas: anupadaka is still an idea about something that is an effect of the first cause or causality. In that sense it may have to do with a scientific idea or the term can be applied to one: the term came to the West from Theosophy, which focuses on science as much as religion, and 'anupadaka' may have distinct meanings in Theosophy.
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