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Anupgarh Tehsil is the one of nine tehsils of Shrigangagnagar district of Rajasthan, India. The town of Anupgarh is the headquarters of the tehsil. Anupgarh Tehsil is located in the southern part of Sri Gangagnagar district. It is bordered by Raisinghnagar tehsil in the north, Vijaynagar tehsil in the east, and Gharsana tehsil in the south. The west border touches Bahawalnagar district of Pakistani Punjab. The topography of the area was originally sandy dunes, horny shrubs, and trees. Water arrived via the Anupgarh branch canal of the Indira Gandhi Canal, which has encouraged agriculture in the area. The Ghaggar River is the only river which runs during the rainy season. Wheat, jawar, cotton, guar, and mustard are the main crops.
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Anupgarh tehsil
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