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Anuraag is a 1972 Hindi film, directed by Shakti Samanta. The film stars Moushumi Chatterjee in her Hindi film debut and Vinod Mehra in lead roles. The Shakti Samanta fixture Rajesh Khanna, having earlier made Aradhana (1969) and Kati Patang with Samanta, makes a special appearance. The music is by S. D. Burman. Initially, Shakti Samanta was thinking whether to make this film or not as he was not sure if the distributors would buy a film with such a story line and had shared the idea with Rajesh Khanna, who encouraged Samanta and volunteered to make an extended appearance for the film, and also distributed the film under the banner "Shakti-Raj" (indicating Shakti Samanta and Rajesh Khanna). The film became a semi-hit, while doing extremely well in big cities. and won the Filmfare Best Movie Award for the year. It was later remade into the Telugu film "Anuraagaalu" (1975) with Sridevi in her first leading role. A. Bhimsingh also remade it in Malayalam as Raagam (1975). It was also remade in Tamil as Neela Malargal (1979), and in Kannada as Chiranjeevi, with Manjula and Srinath.
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