Anurita Rai

Indian Classical, Semi Classical and Light music vocalist & Classical Dancer
date of birth
April 20, 1986
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Born 20 April 1986 in Allahabad Vidushi Anurita Rai, disciple and daughter of Acharya Pandit Anupam Rai, became a notable in the world of dance as a versatile Kathak exponent because of her historic world record of 10,000 dancing rounds at a stretch (2005).[citation needed] Limca Book of Records[citation needed] and Guinness Book[citation needed] have featured her name, while Artists Guild London has recently honoured her with the Millennium title. She has a fine voice with a command of classical, light classical, Bhajan, Gazal, Chaiti, Kajri and Geet styles of singing. Also entitled Saraswati Shiromani and Saraswati Putri, she has performed in various cities in India and abroad.
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