Anusheh Anadil

Bangladeshi singer
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আনুশেহ্‌ অনাদিল (bangla)
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Anusheh Anadil is a Bangladeshi musician, artist, cultural activist, and social entrepreneur. The band 'Bangla' was the first female lead band from Bangladesh that became iconic-ally popular in both Bangldesh and West Bengal (India), for their first album 'Kingkortobbobimuro' (2002). Their rendition of spiritual folk songs, along with their own original songs, became a revolution for bringing the sounds of the village bard into popular culture. They helped popularize the philosophy of Fakir Lalon Shai, as a breath of fresh air, to the urban youth. Bangla's second album 'Prottutponnomotitto' (2005) is a tribute to Fakir Lalon Shai. The album questions religious extremism and corrupt politics by using songs of the insightful mystic. The band 'Bangla' inspired many young musicians from both sides of Bengal to rediscover their roots. Anusheh is also a song writer. She released her solo album 'Rai' in 2012. Songs like 'Ekhon Bodhoy Phul Choranor Pala', 'Amar Moner Manush', 'Tuito Mojar Manush' and 'Dhormo Bujhe Manre Shokha' are some of the popular songs penned and composed by her. Anusheh's rendition of 'Tomar Ghorey Boshot Korey Koyjona', written by Zahid Ahmed, became one of the most popular songs of both Bengals. She was also the first musician in Bangladesh to speak openly about her history with drug abuse and how changing her lifestyle and reconnecting to her roots helped her transcend her addiction.
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