Anwar Al-Khatib

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November 14, 1970
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Anwar al-Khatib (d. November 14, 1970) was a Lebanese Sunni Muslim politician and lawyer. Al-Khatib graduated from St. Joseph University. He became a prominent lawyer and taught at the Lebanese University. He wrote articles for many Lebanese publications, in particular in al-Hurriah. Politically he was an ally of the Druze strongman Kamal Jumblatt. Al-Khatib contested every parliamentary election between 1951 and 1968 and was defeated only twice. His constituency was the Chouf District. In 1968 he was appointed Minister of Water and Electricity. He died in 1970. After his death, his son Zahir al-Khatib won his seat in a bye-election in Chouf.
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