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Anyako is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is bordered at the south by the Keta lagoon. The inhabitants of the town mainly belong to the Ewe tribe. Tracing its establishment to a settlement founded by the Anlos during the migration from Notsie in present-day Togo. Historically the town is the birthplace of The great Ewe poet Hesinor Vinorko Akpalu Akpa. (Torgbui Akpalu), the renown traditional music composer, who was well-known all over the land for his rich repertoire and gift in traditional composition. Charles Kobla Nutornutsi Wovenu, The founder, Apostles’ Revelation Society (ARS) also hailed from Anyako. Kobla Ladzekpo, the founder and director of Zadonu African Music and Dance Company in U.S.A. and Artist El Anatsui. The town has experienced little to no growth over the past thirty years due to sea erosion which affected commercial activities.
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