Anymore for Anymore

Album by Ronnie Lane
publication date
July 1974
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Anymore for Anymore is the debut solo album by Ronnie Lane, one of the founding members of Small Faces and Faces. The recording sessions started in 1973 at his 100-acre (40 ha) farm in Wales with his new band Slim Chance, using Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio (Lane had originally wanted to rechristen the Small Faces with the name Slim Chance in 1969 after Steve Marriott left the group, but when Ron Wood and then Rod Stewart joined them soon after, the other band members vetoed the idea and opted to slightly amend their existing name to Faces instead). The Anymore For Anymore album showcases a more rootsy, folk and country music-influenced sound than Lane's previous band Faces (although Lane had already flirted heavily with these musical styles on his own compositions for that group as early as 1970). The carefree nature of the album's recording is illustrated by the fact that the title track was spontaneously recorded on the hillside overlooking Lane's farm, where the sound of nearby cattle and a light wind was picked up by the recording microphones, adding further rural ambience to the track. The track 'Tell Everyone' was a re-recording of a Lane composition from the Faces' Long Player LP. Reviewing "The Poacher" for The Guardian in 2012, George Chesterton, wrote: "Pop lyrics can aspire only to be poetic – they are not poetry in themselves – but the lines "Bring me fish with eyes of jewels and mirrors on their bodies/ Bring them strong and bring them bigger than a newborn child" come pretty close. Thanks to the strings and oboe of the refrain, and Lane's warm strumming, the music is as simple and as transcendant as the message."
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