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Anystream is an Internet software company that specializes in streaming media encoding technology. The company designs scalable software that automates the laborious process of encoding and transcoding media for demanding broadcast and production environments. Anystream's Agility software has become a standard for streaming media encoding and broadcast transcoding for such media companies as BBC, Red Bee Media, BskyB, CNet, CNN, AOL, ESPN, Fox News,, NFL Films, and others. In 2004, Anystream was recognized as the industry's largest software-based encoder by market research firm Frost & Sullivan, which gave the company its 2004 Market Leadership Award. In its Apreso product line, Anystream enables educators and trainers to create rich media content for the Web. Institutions of higher education use Apreso Classroom to automatically capture and synchronize the classroom experience – the professor's voice and projected visuals – and post an interactive, indexed Web-based version of the lecture to university websites or course management systems. This software is already in use by several universities, including Temple University, Medical College of Georgia, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and MIT. Anystream has been acquired by Telestream in 2010.
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