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Anything But Conservative (French: À bas les conservateurs or N'importe quoi d'autre que conservateur), also known as the ABC campaign and Vote ABC, is a political campaign whose aim is to defeat the Conservatives in Canadian federal elections. It encourages strategic voting. Canadian federal elections use first-past-the-post voting which allows a party with minority support among the population to win the majority of the seats in the parliament. Given the current make-up of existing political parties, the progressive vote tends to split between the progressive federal parties, the NDP, Liberals and Greens, which allows for the Conservatives to win a disproportional number of seats in the parliament compared to their popular support. This results in Conservative candidates winning seats in some ridings with as low as 30% of the vote in the riding. Strategic voting by Greens, Liberals and NDP in 2011 federal elections, if implemented with the benefit of hindsight, would have resulted in 2 seats instead of 1 for Greens (100% increase), 75 seats instead of 34 for Liberals (120% increase), 125 seats instead of 103 for NDP (21% increase), and would have resulted in a minority NDP government in place of a majority Conservative government. It is estimated by ABC campaigners that widespread strategic voting in 2015 federal elections decreased the number of Conservative seats by over 72.
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