Anything for Money

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September 17, 1984
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August 1985
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Anything for Money is an American television game show where two contestants tried to predict the outcomes of situations in which cast members Christopher Callen and Ralph Harris attempted to coerce passers-by into participating in jokes, in exchange for increasing amounts of money. Fred Travalena hosted Anything for Money with Johnny Gilbert serving as announcer. The series was syndicated to stations to air as part of their daytime lineups and premiered on September 17, 1984. Originally slated to air twenty-two weeks of new episodes at first, an additional eight weeks were ordered over the course of the season and a total of 150 episodes aired before the show was cancelled. First-run episodes aired from the premiere until April 19, 1985, and reruns aired until sometime in August 1985. The show later aired on USA Network from 1986 until 1988. The series was produced by Gary Bernstein and Larry Hovis, packaged by their production company Bernstein/Hovis Productions and Impact Studios, and distributed by Paramount Television.
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