Anyuyskiy Volcano

Mountain in Russia
Anyuyskiy Vulkan
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1,054 metre
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Anyuysky Volcano
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Anyuyskiy (Russian: Анюйский Вулкан; Annuyskiy Vulkan) is an extinct volcano in the Anyuy Mountains, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Far Eastern Russia. It is formed by two systems: one is formed by long lava flows which disrupted the valley of the Monni River. Later, a volcanic cone formed, experiencing explosive activity and eventually extruding a long lava flow. The volcano erupted more than one cubic kilometre of lava. It was considered to have been active during the 14th and 18th centuries, but radiometric dating has shown ages of almost 250,000 years ago. The volcano is also known as Molodykh, Monni and Ustieva. Anyuyskiy was discovered in 1952 on aerial images.
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Anyuyskiy Volcano
Anyuy Volcano
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