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AnywhereTS is a software thin client solution for Microsoft Windows. AnywhereTS was created in 2005 as a Thinstation configuration tool, and has since grown to become one of the most common ways of creating software thin clients. AnywhereTS is utilizing several 3rd party software under the hood, with Thinstation as the base for the client OS. However, there are not many references to Thinstation as this is a Windows software with user interface for Windows only. One common use of AnywhereTS is recycling old computers into thin clients. The modest hardware requirements (Pentium II with 32 MB RAM) have made it possible even for many organizations in developing countries to convert PCs to thin clients. AnywhereTS is most frequently used in mid-sized installations with 30-150 computers, but installations with more than a thousand computers have also been reported. The program is freeware, but in 2007 a commercial Pro version was also released.
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