La Fée Absinthe

Brand of European absinthes brewed since 2000
La Fee Absinthe
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La Fée Absinthe is a brand of absinthe; it is a highly alcoholic, distilled spirit containing the herb wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). La Fée Absinthe was created by Green Utopia, which is owned and run by George Rowley. La Fée distil a range of six different absinthes: Parisienne, a traditional French style Verte (coloured/green) absinthe; Blanche, a traditional Blanche (white/clear) style; Bohemian, a modern, Czech style absinth; La Fée X•S Suisse and La Fée X•S Française, which are two “extra supérieure,” wine-based absinthes; and La Fée NV, a lower strength absinthe for "modern drinking."
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