Anzani 3-Cylinder Fan Engines

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From 1905 to 1915, Alessandro Anzani built a number of three-cylinder fan and radial engines, one of which powered Louis Blériot's 1909 cross-channel flight. An Anzani three-cylinder engine that powers a Blériot XI based in England is thought to be the oldest airworthy engine in the world.
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Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 10-12 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 12-15 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 25-30 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 35-40 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 45-50 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Y (Radial)
Anzani 3
Anzani 3-cyl. Y (Radial) 30hp
Anzani 3-cylinder
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 40-45 hp
Anzani 3-cyl. Fan 30-35 hp
Anzani 3-cylinder fan engine
Anzani 3A2
Anzani 24.5hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 31.6hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 42.3hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 10-12hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 12-15hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 25-30hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 30-35hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 40-45hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 45-50hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 15hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 14hp 3-cyl fan
Anzani 30hp 3-cyl radial
Anzani 3A
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