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AoC NILTA is a membership services organisation which leads and lobbies for the development and use of ICT and e-learning across the post-16 education sector. The membership consists of full members (further education colleges), affiliate members (other not-for-profit educational bodies) and commercial members (corporate companies with a remit for educational technologies and systems). As part of its remit, AoC NILTA works to support Adult Community Learning (ACL) as well as further education colleges and institutions. AoC NILTA works with and on behalf of post-16 learning and skills development in order to: Drive forward the sustainable use of technologies to extend the opportunities available to learners Support excellence in the quality of educational provision Support innovation in the development and delivery of the learning experience for all AoC NILTA works to advocate and develop the use of ICT and e-learning in the post-16 education curriculum. AoC NILTA also has a focus on the use of appropriate Management Information Systems (MIS) and networking within post-16 institutions to facilitate and enhance the learning experience. AoC NILTA works closely with other advisory bodies in the sector and associated sectors, such as NIACE, e-skills UK, Becta, DfES, LSN, LSC, TechDis, ALT, Jisc and LLUK.
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