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Ao Bing (Chinese: 敖丙; pinyin: Áo Bǐng) is a character of the classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods (Fengshen Yanyi). He is the dragon prince and third son of the East Sea Dragon King Ao Guang of the Crystal Palace. At one point in time, Ao Bing had been renowned as a rain god who provided his rain to any individual in need. Such times would fade away after his father became corrupted and the people soon were put in fear of Ao Guang and his three sons. After Nezha is seen creating rifts that quaked the Crystal Palace and yaksha Li Gen already met his death, Ao Bing would set out by father consent atop a large green beast and varied soldiers. When Ao Bing presented himself before Nezha and experienced his rudeness, he would shout in rage, "What a self-righteous cur you are! The yaksha was sent to us by the Jade Emperor of Heaven. You killed him and still think you have no blame!" Thus following this point, Ao Bing would duel it out with Nezha while wielding his silver spear. After the passage of some time, Ao Bing would be killed after Nezha unleashes a large fire ball from his magic scarf and stomps on his head. Thus, Ao Bing's true form as a dragon would be revealed, and he would die in a state of inner hatred.
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