Aobayama Hirotoshi

Sumo wrestler
name in native language
青葉山弘年 (japanese)
date of birth
April 3, 1950
date of death
September 24, 1997
name in kana
あおばやま ひろとし
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Aobayama Hirotoshi (born Koichi Takahashi; April 3, 1950 – September 24, 1997) was a former sumo wrestler from Ōsato, Miyagi, Japan. He made his professional debut in November 1968, and reached the top division in November 1975. His highest rank was komusubi. He retired in September 1982 and became an elder in the Japan Sumo Association under the name Asakayama (now held by ex-ōzeki Kaiō). He died while active as a coach at Kise stable.
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