Aodh Méith

Irish king of Tír Eoghain
Áed Méith
Aodh Ó Néill
Hugh O'Neill
Aodh Meith
Aed Meith
Aodh O Neill
Aedh 'Meth' O'Neill, King of Ulster
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Aodh Méith or Áed Méith (died 1230) was a 13th-century king of Tír Eoghain. The son of Aodh an Macaoimh Tóinleasg, Aodh spent much of his career fighting off threats from Fir Manach, Tír Conaill and Galloway, as well as John de Courcy and the Lordship of Ireland. His involvement in Irish Sea politics may have seen him sponsor a Mac Uilleim claim to the Scottish throne, but this is unclear. Latterly the ally of Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, Aodh secured a stable relationship with the earldom of Ulster and lordship of Ireland, two Anglo-Norman polities that came into existence in Aodh's lifetime. By the end of his life he was the supreme native Irish ruler in the north of the island, and passed succession onto his son Domhnall Óg (Domnall Óc). A literary biography devoted to Aodh was seemingly composed sometime in the Middle Ages, but it has not survived. He is the ancestor—though not the eponymous ancestor— of Clann Aodha Buidhe, the Clandeboy O'Neills.
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Áed Méith
Aed Meith Ua Neill
Aodh Meith
Áed Méith Ua Néill
Aodh Méith Ó Néill
Aodh Méith Ó Néill, King of Tír Eoghain
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