Aonosato Sakari

Sumo wrestler
date of birth
November 13, 1935
date of death
May 16, 2008
name in kana
あおのさと さかり
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Aonosato Sakari (born Sakari Ogasawara; November 13, 1935 – May 16, 2008) was a sumo wrestler from Kuraishi, Aomori, Japan. He made his professional debut in March 1953, and reached the top division in January 1959. His highest rank was sekiwake. Upon retirement from active competition he became an elder in the Japan Sumo Association under the name Hatachiyama. In 1988 he took over as head coach at Tatsutagawa stable from former yokozuna Kagamisato and became Tatsutagawa-oyakata. Two months prior to reaching the Sumo Association's mandatory retirement age of 65 in November 2000, Tatsutagawa stable was shut down and the remaining wrestlers transferred to Michinoku stable. His son Moriyuki was born in 1970 and also became a sumo wrestler, reaching a highest rank of makushita 42 under the ring name of Fusanosato.
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